Our Mission

The mission of the Neosho Area Business Voice is to inform & educate readers about Neosho business issues and to provide unbiased information to the best of our ability with the goal of encouraging smart growth and economic development for the betterment of the Neosho market area.




The Neosho Area Business & Industrial Foundation, Inc. (NABIFI), founded in 1987 is an umbrella organization which acts as a catalyst to attract industry, expand job opportunities and improve the quality of life in the Neosho area.  We are a non-profit organization (501c3) that is sustained by tax deductible contributions and has a managing Board of Directors.


Strong Business & Economic Growth Help to Provide for a City’s Future

Thriving business is the life-blood of a prosperous and healthy community.  Good jobs, a healthy local economy & a city able to provide for its citizens, contribute to an exceptional quality of life.

This has been and continues to be the focus of the Neosho Area Business & Industrial Foundation (NABIFI, Inc.)  Click on the About Us tab to learn more about what NABIFI has accomplished over the years since its establishment in 1987.